DuckDice is a crypto casino launched in 2016 and licensed in Curacao. While the dice game continues to be the main game at this casino, there are a number of other games that can be found on the Bonus page of the site. These games are termed “bonus games,” and I’ll give more detail on those in the games section of my review.

Duckdice Overall

  • Launch Year : 2016
  • Licensed By : Curacao
  • Compatibility : Windows and Android, Mac, Web Available to players all over the world.
  • Customer Support : Social media, email, Live Chat Support
  • Network : Online poker network.
  • Currency : Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Monero (XMR), XRP (XRP), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Stellar (XLM), ZCash (ZEC)
  • Retricted country : N/A
  • Language Supported : English


  • Fast and simple gameplay with a good tutorial
  • Fast deposits
  • Many cryptocurrencies supported
  • Extensive autoplay settings
  • Interactive bonus promotions and games
  • Very active community and chat on the site
  • Low 1% house edge


  • Limited game selection.
  • Quite inferior graphical content
  • The casino reserves the right to shut down and retain the cryptocurrencies from accounts that have been inactive for 6 months – so don’t forget your coins to DuckDice for a long time!

Bonus and Promotions

duckdice club

1. Rakeback Bonus

A Rakeback bonus is a money refund of House Edge charged from a player by DuckDice. Whenever you place a bet, the casino withholds a commission; this is 1% for the Main Mode. So Rakeback is essentially a cashback from the commission. Simply, you will get a money-back from every bet you place on DuckDice, both for won and lost bets. You can claim a Rakeback every 15 minutes.

2. Hot Fridays

Every Friday at 1:00 PM UTC, players who have wagered in Main Mode that week can claim their Hot Friday Bonus. Prizes awarded depend on the player’s level, wager, deposits, and other parameters.

3. Duck’s 7th

Duck’s 7th is the biggest bonus prize at DuckDice and can be claimed every 7th day of the month. According to the bonus terms and conditions, “The bonus will be only available for players who have been active in the game throughout the past month and had a level 1+ at least sometime during that month.” The higher your level at DD, the greater your monthly award will be.

4. Lottery Ticket Bonus

The Lottery Ticket Bonus is the newest bonus at DuckDice and allows players to participate in the lottery for free. You can win your tickets by participating in the latest contests and challenges, by participating directly in the lottery, or by spending time on the site’s forum and chat features. All prizes from bonus tickets are counted as real money.

DuckDice has a very active public forum. Users are often rewarded with bonus coins.

5. Deposit Bonus

Multiply your balance with a deposit bonus at DD. You can participate in this bonus in four easy steps: 

  • Receive a limited bonus offer: The Deposit Bonus increases your odds for a higher win; therefore, DuckDice can not it all the time and will give you the chance to participate only occasionally for a limited segment of players.
  • Contribute your share: An amount of cryptocurrency that will be part of a bonus balance. Every bonus campaign has different minimum and maximum amounts, which impact a credit from DuckDice. Essentially, the bigger your share, the bigger the credit.
  • Fulfill the wagering requirements: To get the bonus credited to your balance, you have to wager a certain amount, which is displayed at the start and within the bonus expiration time.
  • Get the bonus: AAfter meeting wagering requirements, the whole Bonus Balance is credited to your game balance and available to play, withdraw, tip, etc.

6. Bet Refund Bonus

Bet Refund Bonus is a possibility to get your bet amount back regardless of win or lose. All you have to do is place a bet with the right bet number. Bet Refund Bonus is also available for Faucet money.

7. Lucky Bet Bonus

The Lucky Bet bonus is periodically held to let players earn extra coins. Winners are chosen according to the bet numbers which are displayed above the Game field.

There are two types of Lucky Bet bonus:

  • One Winner: When the only player with the right bet number and bet amount receives the bonus
  • Split : when all players with bet numbers close to the winning number and bet amount receive the bonus

8. Holiday Bonuses

Holiday Bonuses
Celebrate your favorite holiday at DuckDice!

Bonuses and promotions will vary each year, but you will always find a great casino offer on the following holidays:

  • Halloween
  • Easter
  • New Year
  • Christmas
  • Birthday

9. Deposits

At DuckDice, deposits are fast and easy! The casino accepts a huge variety of payment methods. There is no minimum deposit.

Popular deposit methods include: 

  • Bank cards
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ripple
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dash

You can also make instant deposits at DuckDice, but to do so, your account must meet all of the following criteria: 

  • Your DuckDice account must have at least two paws (icons under your username that represent your level);
  • A decent transaction fee in order to avoid double-spends (required fee amount will be displayed on a deposit screen);
  • If your wallet is hosted on the GreenAddress, then your deposit is eligible for instant crediting, despite level, fee, and amount.
  • Please mind that instant deposits will block your withdrawal ability until the transaction gets an appropriate quantity of confirmations. For non-instant deposits, the same amount of confirmations are required before crediting.

Any deposit with an amount greater than specified on their deposit table can’t be credited instantly and will require an appropriate amount of confirmations.

Duckdice duck wallet
Deposits are fast and easy at DuckDice. Crypto casino players will be very pleased.

10. Withdrawals

Withdrawal requests are generally processed within a few minutes. However, some requests can be delayed up to 24 hours for a security check. It is also important to note that DuckDice does have a withdrawal fee, but DuckDice partially covers low fees for members.

For your convenience, DuckDice offers custom fees for slow and cheap processing, standard processing, and fast processing.

duck withdraw fee
Withdrawals at DuckDice come with a fee.

11. Security

DuckDice takes the security of its site and players very seriously and has implemented a rewards system for people to report bugs or security vulnerabilities to be addressed. The reward levels are listed in the below table. 

Level Reward
$10 USD
$50 USD
$100 USD
$300 USD
$1,000 USD

Each level represents a differing level of severity, with Level 1 being a previously unknown security vulnerability report which cannot be exploited to harm users to Level 5 representing a security vulnerability that can be exploited to steal funds or sensitive data.

We always see crypto casinos tell us that their site is safe, but it is exceptional to see DD implementing this system to help them stay on top of any security issues that may arise. I would actually like to see this model implemented at all crypto casinos.

Here are all the games and bonus games you will currently find at DuckDice. 

12. Dice Game

Here are all the games and bonus games you will currently find at DuckDice. 

duck game
The dice game is fast and easy to play!

The main dice game at DuckDice has not changed throughout the years. You’ll still find the same simplistic graphics with fast gameplay.

How the dice gameplay works:
  • Guess the random number from 0 to 9999 (using the win chance or payout typing boxes)
  • Pick one: LOW – if you think the next roll will be smaller than the target number displayed on the field
  • HIGH – if you think the next roll will exceed the target number.
  • Choose bet amount
  • You can see the win chance in %. The target number depends on the chance you choose. The lower the chance, the higher the payout. Manipulate these values to adjust your risks
  • If you choose a 50% win chance, your payout will be 1.98x the bet. So if you guess if the random number is over or under 5000, you win
  • With a 10% win chance, you will get a 9.9x payout. This means if the number is, for example, under 1000, you win
  • Hit ROLL to start playing
  • You can also choose auto mode or manual mode: Auto Mode is for advanced players. It allows you to enable thousands of bets in one click. Set AUTO and relax.

13. Lottery

duck weekly lottery-1
Play the lottery every day at DuckDice!
DuckDice Daily Lottery happens every day at 3:00 PM UTC. Ticket sales stop at 2:50 PM UTC.
Players can buy an unlimited quantity of tickets and choose their numbers manually or automatically by using a random generator.

There are 3 tiers of winners, which split their part of the Bankroll:

There are 3 tiers of winners, which split their part of the Bankroll:

  • All players with 5 matching numbers share 50% of the Bankroll
  • All players with 4 matching numbers share 30% of the Bankroll
  • DuckDice takes only a 10% fee from ticket sales, which sounds quite big. But compared to many national lotteries, where the fees are even 50-60%, this is a very low fee! Return rates in national lotteries are usually around 40-50%.
Read the complete rules from the casino on their lottery page

14. Sniper Race

Duck Snipper
Win cash prizes in the Sniper Race!

The Sniper Race is a bonus game where you can gamble against other players to win prizes. Any player can join any Sniper Race anytime, before or during the Race. You can find scheduled Races by clicking on a Sniper Race icon located near the chat icon or check chat notifications for upcoming Races. All you have to do to win is be the closest to hit the target roll(s) set for the specified race.

15. Birthday Balloons Game

DuckDice introduced this balloons game in 2019. The concept is based on the classic “shell game.” Birthday balloons may emerge anywhere on the screen and stay for a few seconds.

Here’s how to play: 

  • Every 20 minutes, three Birthday balloons will appear. One will have 30% of the bets amount back for the past 20 minutes, others may have random bonuses or are empty.
  • Click on any balloon.
  • Get bonus funds to your game balance or nothing in case of an empty balloon.

Duck Hunt Interactive Game

Duck hunt interactive game
Hunt the ducks, win a prize at DuckDice!

The Duck Hunt game is a randomized game that appears within the site’s group chat. All you have to do is click on (shoot) the duck when it appears. The duck will only appear for players with level 1+ or for players with level 0 who have created an account not more than 5 days ago. The prize for a shot duck is 0.06998323 USDT.

Dice Progressive Jackpot

duck progressive jackpot
Will you be the lucky progressive jackpot winner?

A progressive jackpot is a collective money pot that increases continuously until someone wins it. The higher the bet amount, the bigger the Jackpot percentage becomes. To win the Jackpot, you have to hit the 7777 with a bet higher than 0.00001 BTC or equivalent, and the last symbols of your bet ID must be 77 e.g. xxxxxxxx77. The percentage of the Jackpot won is calculated by the formula: (bet_amount * 100) / coefficient.

Bitcoin Faucet

In order to claim the Faucet, you have to win a tic-tac-toe game against either RNG software or a real player. You will have three attempts. The Faucet is a feature that gives free coins for trying the game. The Faucet amount depends on your level, ranging from 0 ducks (Faucet 0.0000015 BTC) to 5 ducks (0.000035 BTC).


Every few hours, the Rainbot will send free coins to players who are active in the game. This feature can only be activated via the site’s group chat. Fun fact: In wintertime, the rain becomes snow.

Customer Support

The FAQ for DuckDice can be found at the bottom of the site by For an FAQ, I found this area reasonably substantial. You’ll find information on security, system requirements, how to play the dice game, basic casino terminology, and more. 

There are three channels for contacting a customer support representative:

You will need to be signed in to use the live chat feature, and support is offered in English and Russian. I do think it’s rather limited to only offer live chat in only two languages. Since crypto casinos are enjoyed by players worldwide, DuckDice needs to step up its game in this area.

I did take the time to use their live chat service. Initially, I was put off by an automated reply asking me to leave my email address for a response to my question. But after about ten minutes, I did receive a live response and found the representative to be very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.

Duckdice Overall

Duckdice is the place for you if you enjoy playing Bitcoin poker, slots, and other casino games. You may play at several poker tables and even participate in tournaments using your Duckdice login account. Even better, you may access nearly 200 slots from Arrow’s Edge, Nucleus Gaming, and Betsoft. And the best part is that this casino welcomes U.S. players and takes cryptocurrency. Check out Duckdice if you’re seeking another Bitcoin casino in the U.S.A. that specialises in poker tables.

Duckdice on Mobile

The well-designed mobile app also provides access to all the tables (cash games, tournaments). Although some messages cross over the cards and other buttons, the tables are bright.

They claim that an iOS app will soon be released.

How to create an account in Duckdice?

To create an account in Duckdice, you must follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Duckdice
  • Step 2: Click Play Now
  • Step 3(Create Account): Fill out the basic information for your account.
  • Step 4(Deposit): Use cryptocurrency right in the app!


What is DuckDice?

DuckDice is a provably fair crypto casino that hosts an online dice game. Players can also participate in “bonus games” throughout the site to earn free coins. 

Is Duck Dice legit?

Yes, DuckDice is a legally licensed crypto casino in Curacao and hosts provably fair games.

How do you play Duck Dice?

Play the dice game at DuckDice by guessing how the dice will roll compared to the target number: LOW (if you think the next roll will be smaller than the target number) or HIGH ( if you think the next roll will be greater than the target number).