Bitvest is a simple Bitcoin Casino that offers the online community a chance to be either a player or an investor on the site. The platform’s operations are financed through crowdfunding, where the investors earn a share of the site’s profits.

Bitvest is best known for the Plinko game, but its repertoire includes 6 engaging Casino games. They support 5 major cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and DOGE.

Players get rank upgrades based on how much they play. Higher ranks result in bigger faucet and promotion rewards. The most loyal players have a chance to become part of the Bitvest team.

bitvest Overall

  • Launch Year : 2015
  • Supported Cryptocurrencies : Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin
  • Licensed By : No, this dice site is not licensed.
  • Mobile Optimization : Yes – they do have an app
  • Game Verticals : Plinko, Dice, Slots, Keno, Bitspin (Wheel), Roulette
  • Minimum Deposit : 0.00000001 BTC
  • Minimum Withdrawal : 0.0012 BTC
  • Retricted countries : Belarus, France, Iceland, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, and Ukraine.
  • Customer Support : Email, Bitcointalk
  • Language Supported : English


  • Free Faucet
  • Daily Quests
  • Provably Fair Games
  • Five supported cryptocurrencies
  • Good desktop speed


  • Outdated design
  • Not licensed
  • Bad mobile version
  • No live chat support
  • Only six games

Bonus and Promotions

We must begin with investing opportunities when discussing Bitvest promotions. By investing in its bankroll, the website allows its users to act as a casino. In other words, you can profit from other players’ mistakes. When a player loses, his wager is added to the pool of money available to all players, netting the casino investors a profit. Bitvest collects the commission for offering this service. Additionally, you can invest on margin, which entails a higher level of risk and potential gain.

We advise you to visit Bitvest’s invest page if interested in investing. It will explain the meaning of a margin, how your share is determined, the commissions the website charges, and other information. To make a more informed choice, you may also look at historical charts to observe how previous investments have failed.

Aside from investing, you can use your rank and luck to claim free tokens from the faucet and daily missions. In some of the platform’s blog postings, you can uncover faucet multiplier codes that let you earn extra incentives. At Bitvest, there are other betting competitions, each with a time limit for each cryptocurrency.

You can make a lot of money on this platform through referrals, which is impressive. The website gives you a referral link, and if a user registers through it, you can get 10% of the registration fee as payment. Additionally, you can receive 5% of their referrals and an additional 3% of their referrals. You can check your profits on a specific page, the platform’s overall referral earnings, and the top affiliates.

1. Is Bitvest a Reliable Bitcoin Dice Site?

Bitvest is a popular Bitcoin Dice and casino site. They are the only cryptocurrency casino site to launch with the Plinko game in Bitcoin. They have a very active community discussion, and the Crypto Gambling Foundation has verified the fairness of their games. All of the games they offer are Provably Fair and were created in-house. This makes it safe to play on their website.

2. Speedy payouts

It is a strict casino, accepting LiteCoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin, but you are guaranteed to enjoy fast payouts for absolutely all types of payments.

For any complaints, you can also reach them by mail for a quick response.  

3. Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Bitvest knows that variety in every department is crucial, so it allows using five of the most popular cryptocurrencies. These are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin

If you have a smartphone, you can use a QR code instead of the site’s address to deposit money. Every cryptocurrency has a maximum deposit amount and a set number of confirmations required before the money is credited to your account. The maximum Bitcoin deposit is 0.00000001 BTC, and just with Litecoin deposits, Bitcoin deposits only require one confirmation. This value is two in the case of Bitcoin Cash. It takes four for Dogecoin and twelve for Ethereum. You may want to charge a higher transaction fee for faster deposits.

Each cryptocurrency has different withdrawal fees and minimums. The minimum withdrawal amount for Bitcoin is 0.0012 BTC, and there is a 0.00012 BTC fee for each withdrawal. Ethereum has a withdrawal charge of 0.0025 ETH and a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.01 ETH. The Litecoin withdrawal cost is 0.0003 LTC, and the maximum withdrawal amount is 0.0013 LTC. The minimum withdrawal amount for Dogecoin is 2500 Doge, and the charge is 20 Doge. The withdrawal limit for Bitcoin Cash is 0.0125 BCH, and the cost is 0.0005 BCH.

On the site, you may see a complete history of all your transactions and send tips to other players or the RainBot. You may view a breakdown of all of your investments, profits, balance, and the site’s average bankroll in the same window.

4. Benefits of Bitcoin and crypto Gambling

Wagering with bitcoins, which is made possible by Bitvest, comes with several benefits to customers. The following are some of these benefits.

  • Fast: the process of making a deposit or withdrawal takes a short time. This is unlike the traditional method of using credit or debit cards or online money processors like Skrill and PayPal.
  • Privacy: When using bitcoins, you are not required to provide your name and other important information. You have privacy when using a Bitvest account because of this. Although gambling is prohibited in several countries, those nations’ residents can benefit from Bitcoins. However, given that it is illegal, we do not advise doing it.
  • Little transaction charges: The transaction charges that apply when using bitcoin or Bitvest are significantly low. There will be no charges in some cases as the operator will cover them.
  • Bonuses: Bitvest players are entitled to many kinds of rewards from when you sign up to the gambling platform. This gives you extra cash to enjoy your favorite games on the platform.
  • Secured: The amount of security you get by using bitcoins is incomparable. As long as you do not share any of your information with anyone, you stand no chance of losing your bitcoins to hackers.

5. Downsides of Bitcoin Gambling

Wagering with bitcoins also comes with its own disadvantages. The following are some of them.

  • Technical: the use of bitcoins is a bit technical. This may lead to difficulties in operating the account for those who are not good with technical stuff
  • Extremely volatile: The price of bitcoins is easily affected by many factors. This makes their price fluctuate regularly. Though you may benefit from this, you’ll be hit hard by this at some point.
  • Security: Although it is difficult to steal money from your wallet, it is possible to steal it when exchanging them. It doesn’t happen regularly, though.
  • Future is unknown: A lot of governments have been trying to regulate bitcoins. This creates uncertainty in the future regarding bitcoins and their use.

Banking Methods

  • Deposit Methods: To deposit one of these 5 cryptocurrencies on Bitvest casino, locate the Funds icon in the left-hand menu and scroll down to Deposits. The crypto casino will then provide you with a QR code when you choose the cryptocurrency you want to use. Scanning is as simple as depositing. A 0.0012 BTC and altcoin equivalents minimum deposit is required.
  • Withdrawals Methods: You can withdraw your chosen cryptocurrency at any moment. To withdraw, select Funds and scroll down. You can input both your wallet address and the desired withdrawal amount here. Be aware that Bitvest assesses a fee according to the amount you wish to withdraw. So, for a withdrawal of 0.0012 BTC, they will charge 0.00012 BTC. The amount of withdrawals is not restricted.

Support At Bitvest

Support on Bitvest casino is offered through one of three ways:

  • Submit a ticket – you will need a full account – and they will get back to you.
  • Email support team ([email protected])
  • Contact the moderators on the group chat, who will get in touch with the administrators for urgent matters.

Having said this, Bitvest casino does not offer 24/7 support and has no live (support) chat option, only a social one.

Provably Fair Casino Games

Plinko is the home page game on Bitvest. They are distinct in that they give the Plinko game precedence over Dice and Crash. However, they do have the Bitcoin Dice game, even though they don’t have Crash. Six of their Provably Fair casino games were created by them.

  • Plinko
  • Dice
  • Slots
  • Keno
  • Bitspin (Wheel)
  • Roulette


So, how is one of the earlier entries in the crypto gambling market holding up today? Well, the site last published a blog post two years ago, and the platform hasn’t been active on Twitter for over three. While you’d think that’s an indicator that this crypto casino has seen better days, it still has a reasonably active user base. At the time of our review, the chat listed one hundred active members. Staff often posts on Bitcointalk and have new events, usually in the form of wagering races running regularly on the site. While its games are a bit crude-looking, as is the site’s overall design, its investment opportunities remain a strong selling point. So, while there are some nice things to say about Bitvest, we cannot overlook the negative ones. While it may be on par in some aspects with other, more popular crypto casinos, its presentation is lacking, and so is its customer support.

Devices compatibility

The computer version is excellent. Although the page is simple and hardly has loud graphics, it does not detract from the wonderful aesthetics of everything. The games load in time, and the speed is just enough to keep your streak.

There is no mobile app, but you can visit the casino’s official website through a compatible browser on your smartphone. Although the speed is not as efficient as on the desktop, it will still get the job done. 

How to create an account in Bitvest?

This crypto casino allows you to register an account in seconds with no personal information required. Again, no personal information is required when creating a username and password if you want to take things further.

Once the registration process is complete, users should implement sufficient security measures on the profile page. Players can then open forums, explore blogs or chat actively through the public chat option.

Getting started with the popular Primedice is fast and straightforward and the accounts are ready for use within a few minutes. Players can choose the bets they wish to place and play the dice game. There is:


Does Bitvest Support Cryptocurrencies?

Yes. As a cryptocurrency Casino, they support a wide range of currencies. To know more about the supported coins, check the cashier’s section of your profile.

Are There Any Restricted Countries?

Yes. You can check out the terms and conditions page of the casino to know if your country falls under the eligible ones to play in Bitvest Casino.

Is 100% Privacy Guaranteed?

Only those clients who are active on the site can stand a chance to win this. It comes up randomly every ninety seconds, and players must solve the captcha to stand a winning chance.

Does Bitvest have a Mobile version?

The desktop version of this cryptocurrency casino is extremely fast because it lacks fancy graphics. There are some delays, and their mobile version is slower than their desktop version. There is no App to choose from. From any qualified region, you can play on the go.